Monday, January 21, 2019

Soilworx Septic Designs

In a previous post we bragged about how we like to work with the best local companies to deliver the best possible service and product. The first company we work with a lot is Soilworx. 

Soilworx is based out of Okotoks and services all Calgary's surrounding areas. A ton of attention to detail and septic knowledge is needed to design a septic system. These designs are like the instructions and map for installing a system and are usually about 65 pages long!

It is very important not to lie to your designer - if there are 6 people living in the home and it is only designed for 3 your system will fail and although you might think you are saving a buck or two on your septic system; but this is cause more money out of your pocket when repairs are needed. Septic systems can work just as good or even better than city systems and treatment plants. You need to be sure to have the proper size and pumps for it to be efficient and last as long as possible. Chad from Soilworx says: "A properly designed septic system will equal, if not outperform, conventional treatment quality seen in municipal or city treatment plants.  If your onsite system is performing correctly, it will return your wastewater to the environment and remove nearly 99%-100% of all infectious pathogens."

Visit the Soilworx Site:

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Supporting Local Businesses

It is one of the most advertised trends right now - "shop local"; and what an awesome way to spend your hard earned dollars. As a small business ourselves we focus a lot on using other local businesses to support and work with. From doing projects for other businesses in Wheatland County, to using other businesses around town to buy our materials, tools and parts from - we believe what goes into the community will always come out better for everyone. 

Rose Enterprises employs locals, buys job materials locally and puts money back into the community locally. So when you hire us to do your projects, your money stays in the community! 

We will be highlighting each small local business we love to support in upcoming blog posts, so stay tuned to hear about our favourites!

You can share your favourites and voice your opinions once a year in The Newsy Neighbour Readers Choice Best in Business Awards! We are so proud to have been nominated for Best in Home Improvement, Best in Trades and Entrepreneur of the Year! Click here to cast your vote: then click "Vote Now!".

These awards are based purely on the consumers say. The community nominates their favourite businesses and the community votes for the best, so just to be nominated is a great achievement and a feel good moment for everyone who works so hard to keep their business thriving. 

So next time you see something in local shop you want - buy it there instead of amazon! Or if you need a service, look for a small local company to work with. Not only will you probably receive better down to earth service, your dollar will be staying close to home!

Monday, December 10, 2018

Signs of Septic System Failure

If you are buying an acreage with a home already on it, or have lived in your home with a septic system for quite some time, you may notice a few signs that could tell you that the septic system needs repair or replacing. It is important to take care of your septic system and ensure it’s running properly to avoid a costly expense or even risks to your health.

We are reminded every day to take care of the most pricey things in our homes like fine china, electronics or even our vehicles that we look at or use often - and although the septic system is one of the most important aspects of our homes, we tend to forget to care for them or inspect them to ensure they are working to their best ability.  

Septic systems require routine maintenance and care to provide reliable service for many years. If it isn’t maintained, a failed or faulty system is a risk to human and animal health, and can pollute the environment. Untreated waste water can cause diseases and can contaminate nearby wells and bodies of water.

 It is important to respond quickly to fixing your system if you notice these signs:
  •           Showers, bathtubs and sinks drain very slowly
  •           Gurgling sounds in the plumbing system
  •          Water and sewage from toilets and drains are backing up into the home
  •           Bad odors in your home or around the septic tank or drainfield
  •           Bright green, lush and spongy grass or puddles over the septic tank or drainfield

How can you prevent failure?
Follow this infographic to care for your system:

Sunday, November 11, 2018


Hello, I am Ken Rose!

I specialize in Excavator & Septic installation in Strathmore, Langdon, Chestermere, and Surrounding Areas.

I am very involved in the communities I work in and I strives to build trustworthy relationships with all my clients. I have the experience to deliver projects on time and within budget. Safety is my top priority, for everyone involved in the project.

I am proud to say my success is thanks to the wonderful clients I have had the opportunity to work with in my 15+ years experience. 

Contact me for your next project and I promise to meet you with a straight forward approach. I will work faster and better.

Something a little more personal...I am a family man, I live with my wife on a hobby farm near Strathmore, Alberta with our 3 children, horses, dogs, cats, and rabbits.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to working with you.

Ken Rose